The Arizona 2-1-1 Online Database of Health and Human Services Is No Longer Available

As part of the State’s effort to balance the 2009 budget, the Arizona 2-1-1 Program has been defunded and shut down as of Janurary 2009.

Emergency Bulletins

The Arizona Division of Emergency Management is preserving the Emergency Bulletin System at the Arizona Emergency Information Network. You can also follow them on Twitter, or on the AzEIN blog.

Health and Human Service Resources

The health and human service database is no longer accessible via
There are a number of non-profit organizations in Arizona that provide Information and Referral services and may be able to assist you.

Feeling the Economic Crunch?

Feeling the Economic Crunch?Feeling the Economic Crunch? is a resource for Arizonans experiencing challenges associated with the economic downturn. The information available provides residents access to mortgage assistance, job training and placement, family health and counseling, and financial tips on how to make your dollars stretch farther. The Crunch campaign is now hosted by Valley of the Sun United Way.

The United Way has also established a special fund to help deal with the current Economic Crunch in Arizona. Donations will help organizations in your community providing basic needs assistance, such as rent, mortgage, utilities and food. You can help families in your community by making a contribution. GIVE to your local United Way.

Vulnerable Populations Toolkit

The Vulnerable Populations Toolkit is in the process of being moved to a new website but can be temporarily accessed at:

Once the Toolkit is published again this page will be updated with the new URL.

Download the Health and Human Service Database

As a service to the public, the information previously contained within the AZ 2-1-1 database of health and human services is being made available for download: